Which of the Samsung Galaxy should I buy?

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Question by kn: Which of the Samsung Galaxy should I buy?
I want to buy a new gadget but unable to choose from:
1) Samsung Galaxy S3 – 4″ screen
2) Samsung Galaxy Tab Note 800 – 10″ screen

both are priced in close range. Can anyone guide in selection.

thank you.

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here’s an table of comparison between the two devices:


I think this is a comparison between the first note out, not the 10″ one but if you want to consider that into your posilibities.
I will say this though. The tablet is pretty big and wouldn’t really be good for use as a phone. It would be hard to carry around and would be more reliable as a regular tablet than a phone. My friend has one and he doesn’t really like it cause he uses it as a phone, but its too big. However, the tab is really fast and responsive, with a big screen allowing games and movies to be a great experience. Pretty sure it’s faster than the s3 and more comfortable to use due to the big screens.

The s3 is THE phone to have right now. It’s small and compact, but has almost all the features that a tablet might have. Of course, it’s not quite as good as a tablet, but almost to that point. It’s really fast and although it is the biggest phone out there right now, an average Joe can carry it around easily. This would be your best option as a phone.

If your planning on buying a phone, I would buy the S3.
If your planning on buying it as just a device to have fun with and stuff, I would go with the tab.
Hope this helped!

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